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Empty soul

The system(be it religious, social and/or political) only ever starts falling when the majority propping it up decides to no longer stand and fight for it. Which, more often than not, tends to be the result of them no longer personally gaining from it.

The Roman Empire fell because the elites at that time(The Roman Senate) got too greedy and rich and so became detached from everyday reality and this alienated everyone else thus causing a conflict of interest in which the numbers were not on their side.

America as it stands today however is a different beast because the ones demanding change the most are the minority elements elevated to stardom via a heavily biased and focused liberal lens and this makes them far more noticeable but far less influential.

The disenfranchised lower orders of the majority population however only wants to attain what the others have, not to change the game itself.

Perhaps if the America “change team” stopped focusing so much on the minority elements and instead attempted to get the disenfranchised majority on their side they might actually create some change for once.

This cartoon is not accurate in the slightest then because being lost can mean anything in this libtard snowflake age. It can even mean not being accepted as a gender/sexual being that you and I have never even heard of.