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The pure truth, Mark, once again.

Regarding the mentioned topics, I have personally experienced the one about how easy it is for them to get jobs, even without any proper qualifications. Bear with me because I have to explain the whole thing so people get the importance of it all. I worked in a real state company for 3 years back when I was in High School, it was an office job. At the end of the third year (same year I graduated from HS) I had to quit the job because the company was going to move to another town and it wasn’t worth to travel everyday to another town just to keep working for them. Besides, I had better plans for myself.

Anyhoo, me quitting the job meant that they were hiring again and since they were one of the good real state agencies around here meant that they received lots and lots of job applications. One day, while I was talking about something with my boss, his business partner entered the room and dropped on his table a huge pile of job applications. My boss then told him to separate the males from the females, and throw the job applications from males on the trash. That’s right, he didn’t even look at them, he just wanted them gone. There was much more male job applications than female ones, and I’m pretty sure that in the end he chose the prettiest chick, not the most qualified.

Now here’s the most important part – I was completely qualified to work there, and I got the job done extremely well for 3 years, but I only got the job there because the owner of the company is a great friend of my older brother since they were kids, and is a friend of my family also. If it wasn’t for that, I would never get the job no matter how qualified I was due to the so-called female privilege oppression. The person who occupied my position before me was also a woman, and the person who occupies the position now and forever will also be a woman.

No man can get those kinds of jobs, no matter how qualified he is, unless he has some networking skills as I was fortunate to possess in that particular situation. Now just imagine the amount of jobs that are just like that, the amount of unqualified women employed just because they are women and all of the poor bastards who never had the slight amount of chance of getting those jobs just because they were men. This time we can properly use the words privilege and sexism .