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I for one do not watch satanist vomit spewed from the minds of demonically controlled film directors or writers. If you actually do some research you’ll soon discover that most of them are deeply into psychedelics therefore hear voices. They consort with familiars, demons. That’s where they get their ideas and you let these influences into your radius. How many homicides, rapes etc.are inspired by violent films & music? Why did the mass murderer James Holmes shoot up the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises? Why did Anton LaVey forbid his son from watching television? Even the actors don’t like watching their own films, reason being they don’t prefer watching the alien force within them unfold. The fifth subliminally traumatizes the mind. It unsettles the spirit & exposes the heart. You’re uneasy. If you have violent tendencies it will amplify what’s inside you. Film & music industry in a nutshell.