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Guys you both agree to some degree. I think polluted comment-507 was most reasoned and balanced of his .

Lady,like you ,i tend to look past the generalisations.
I think both men and women go through stages and phases all the time of fucking around,nesting or breeding and it is not always linear and can change very quickly .

Once -stable men can have affairs,once -faithful wives can have affairs ,once- fucking around men can fall wildly in love and be faithful! I have seen it all.nothing is set in stone!
I have seen model husbands been treated like shit because they were too nice.

I like you both and value you both for diff reasons on diff topics.

I do agree with polluted that whether they admit it or not women do like the bad boys so nice guys need to have a little “mongrel” in them to keep their women’s interest. THAT is the hard part! It is horrible to say but sometimes you need to treat them mean to keep them keen.