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Rouge Kitty

I think it’s chemical. One of my hubby’s friends, attractive, smart, funny, male. Had a job, car, house, everything we are all taught to need and want. Had a beautiful girl, got cocky, cheated on her. Turnabout, she cheated on him, with another woman, and dumped him. It messed him up. He had been single and no action for almost ten years. Hubby couldn’t understand why his friend couldn’t hook up. I still have a hard time explaining it, but whatever it was about him, it was coming off in waves I could almost feel and smell.
I wonder if people who have been alone for a ‘long’ length of time accidently sabotage themselves when they interact with someone they’re attracted to? When the desire to make a good first impression does the exact opposite? And if it’s possible, giving yourself acceptance to understand that there are FAR worse things to be than just single.