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@itsplaster, should I not reply to your posts whenever I don’t agree with them?? It concerns me people might think when I agree with someone I’m just trying to be buddies and when I don’t I’m just inflating my ego at the expense of others. Regarding your video… this was some 13 min you own me. It was that awful! Like trying to bash Atheism by going to a high school and interviewing a kid who is excited about it, but literally only learn about Atheism yesterday. Not only I saw the video, I certainly read Empty Souls comments… look at the size of it. It doesn’t give me much room to extend.

I’m thinking as I write, not sure if it is the best comparison…. but I will compare it to Karate. The Idea is to help people to protect itself. Yes, it can be misused here and there and few nice girls feeling hurt… but overall… with the experience that I have, It is a risk I’m willing to take. Too many men had their lives ruined by cunts, their kids lives together with it… because true cunts are not a insignificant part of this group we call women and depending on the culture, they make up the bulk of it.