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Empty soul

“That being said, I decided to post anyway because the core message is something I agree with. The online MGTOW community is obsessed with women. And their message gets radical sometimes“.

“When other men agree with this simply out of bitterness, it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s about going their own way. I think it’s a desire to destroy women in many cases. I’m not being at all dramatic“.


The issue I hold with it is one of equality and it creates the question “why shouldn’t they be able to”.

There are many areas of the internet and many social spaces in real life where women group together and obsess over men. Wherein their message gets radical sometimes and other women agree simply out of bitterness.

You could also say that feminism is not about equality, merely a desire to destroy men in many cases.

I have to conclude then that if feminism is allowed room to exist and breathe then so should MGTOW be able to.

You can disagree with MGTOW all you want and that’s fine but one cannot deny it’s existence without denying women the right to hold similar views and to have similar social spaces and communities.

Personally I had never even heard of MGTOW until modern day radical feminism reared its ugly head. My guess then is that it is some kind of opposition movement looking to readdress what they see as gender unbalances in everyday society and naturally like every other group there exists extremist elements.

As I said though, MGTOW are small in number and hold way less power and influence than the radical feminists and liberals who have infiltrated state and education.

The liberals said it themselves, only those in institutional positions of power and influence can oppress. MGTOW’s therefore are not oppressing anyone by just existing.

As for the actual core tenets of MGTOW. I hardly see how men refusing to share their life with women somehow translates into a desire to destroy women unless of course one is making the argument that women cannot function without men which of course would directly counter the claims that feminists make worldwide.

I can understand the incel culture being accused of being an actual danger to women but MGTOW seems to translate to less danger towards women since the prevalent argument in our society at large seems to be that men are the domestic abusers by a large majority thus the removal of men from the equation would surly remove the dangers as well, no?.

In real life though I have never actually met anyone who has referred to themselves as a MGTOW before. In fact society has been structured so that heterosexual men get mocked and shamed if they are not seen to be active with women.

In the above, is MGTOW really that upsetting and dangerous considering it’s lack of activeness and lack of overall power and influence in everyday life?. Should MGTOW not be allowed a few online spaces to bash women even though women are allowed plenty of spaces to bash men?.

If women can be allowed the above but men can’t then perhaps MGTOW have a point, no?.