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Empty soul


“Since I definitely think radical feminism and MGTOW are opposite sides of the same coin, I’m against the man-hating bs, the lies about abuse and rape, changing the rules so women can play – that all drives me crazy“.

They are equal in terms of role reversal but not in terms of socio-political power and influence. To use your coin analogy, if MGTOW was heads and feminism was tails and you flip the coin into the air the coin would land on tails the vast majority of the time because the odds have been heavily slanted that way.

In the above scenario society is the casino and feminism currently has control of the house. MGTOW(men go their own way) are the players then that resent the way the game is currently stacked against them and have decided to play no more. Preferring instead to sit at the casino bar with whisky in hand and their money firmly within their own pocket.

To get back to real life here. Modern day feminism is not the same as feminism of old. In the past feminism was about gaining equality with men at a time when they didn’t have the right of vote or the right to own property.

Today’s feminism however is all about gaining preferential treatment and it is a treatment they often attempt to leverage by playing the weak lily card. “I am a poor, weak easily manipulated victim and have suffered greatly at the hands of the strong wolf-like savage men” as opposed to the suffragette movements etc “I am a strong, intelligent and capable woman and I demand to be treated as equal to men”.

To conclude. Modern day feminism is the same as niggers etc playing the race card every chance they get knowing full well it gains them advantage where otherwise there would be none.

The males however get told that they have “privilege” simply for being born male even when they don’t have a pot to piss in financially speaking. This in turn puts them at an automatic disadvantage.

Anyway. To finish up this particular rant. It is not surprising that MGTOW exist and that they bitch about women. Why wouldn’t they given the circumstances?.

“It’s simply a personal annoyance that the online MGTOW community says they’re through with women but they aren’t. Women are their favorite subject. That hurts no one but just makes them seem like they’ll never really wrestle their balls away from women. But if that makes them happy… it doesn’t. But it’s their lives“.

I keep vowing to give up drinking and yet alcohol never seems to escape my mind.

The point being that it is next to impossible to escape the object of confliction because it’s very existence is tied to our own current sense of self.

With MGTOW that current confliction causes an angered distancing whereas with incel culture for example the confliction causes an angered pursuit. MGTOW aren’t sexless and they are not all choosing to become gay any time soon but they are however unwilling to play the game at the current level and rules society has set for them so naturally they aren’t through with women altogether and forever as you say.

I guess the moral of the story is that everyone should be allowed a place and space to rant and blow off steam if they aren’t actually hurting anyone. It’s what I use Bestgore for, lol.