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Empty soul


“I think occasionally pointing out a problem with said groups is pretty fair. However, I am prepared for the backlash that I know will come with it. To just speak without rebuttal is a luxury I rarely have. So, hopefully you’ll understand if I disagree with you regarding the comparison between radical feminists and MGTOW“.

Like I said before @itsplaster, you can criticise any group or people all you want. You are free to disagree or agree with anything and anybody and I am never going to attempt to police your thoughts.

My argument is purely one of equality in that just as you are free to do the above so are men via MGTOW and such.

Personally I consider respectable debate like we have been doing to be a net positive. There is no point in holding it all in nor indeed becoming entrenched and jaded out of fear of opposition.

Get it all out and talk and debate it. You will be met with opposition of course but then you always will in any corner of the internet, society and life in general. If you learn to roll with the punches though and not be afraid to take another look at your own arguments and convictions you will find that you end up a far stronger person as a result.

“In and of themselves, your responses are a fraction of the negative attitude that those who criticize MGTOW face; while the notion of “all women are (negative quality)” go unchallenged. I suppose it’s different if you’re on a site more geared toward liberals. Unfortunately, those places don’t interest me“.

You hit the nail on the head. I surf liberal websites regularly in order to understand them better and for comedic purposes of course as they are all so very silly and in my experience they are 100 percent anti MGTOW and 100 percent pro-women 100 percent of the time.

Bestgore is not the norm. In fact we are pariahs socially speaking. In this sense there exists far more anti MGTOW websites than there exists anti-women ones.

I am curious then @itsplaster as to why those places don’t interest you. In fact you interest me, lol.

What draws you to here as a female and why does the masculinity overdrive that exists here conflict with your core principles personally?.

Also, why do you find liberals and their websites uninteresting as opposed to us?.

The above questions are open to the lovely @lady-lexis as well.