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Of course you agree with him. Do you think we MGTOW expect the majority or even a fraction of the people to agree with us? We are not new to this. TFM has many other videos on the subject and many of my brother sites like GYOW and MGTOW.COM hold similar views as us mgtow. This is not about trying to convert you, or see who agrees with who. It is about spreading OUR views. We are growing, that is all that matters to me. Weather you and E.S. want immigrants or not….You are got em and it is because you fail to address the cause. MGTOW care about future and the young males in it, so we as usual, approach abstract ideas and reasoning. Sitting around doing the same things, blaming the same people have only caused you all, us all, grief. Now I do agree with alot of what you say in theory. E.S. thinks I am open boarders, and pro immigrant but actually I am not. I am pro-self Responsibility. If we do not make women be responsible than I find contradiction in making men, regardless of skin color, responsible. MGTOW walk away, we take our tax dollars and say fuck the state. NO IMMIGRANTS GETTING OUR SUBSIDIES. Of course that is the most extreme ones that ghost the system, like me. Men could learn alot from mgtow and save their lineage before worrying about some stupid land. This is the post modern world. such things do not matter except to prideful men and government. Want to win? Go MGTOW