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Nice piece of writing.
I read that Japan outlawed Islam and definitely does not allow uncontrolled immigration. The only foreigners i saw resident there were American Black sports stars who managed to get Jap passports and very very few Turk kebab- sellers on streetcorners. Funny how the Turks pretend they are European yet are allowed into Japan for work visas(very restricted) on the basis of their Turco – Mongol ancestry.It seems our European political classes are deaf and dumb on the ancestry of the Turks and until recently wanted to shower them with unrestricted work visas!

Japan has a demographic problem but i agree it will not be solved by unrestricted immigration. This problem was brought on by Japan’s American-style love of Captitalism and Consumerism. Only when the hold of Big Business on Japan is loosened will it be able to breathe again.