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GDPR Harvester

Don’t know Swedish, translated with google. Apparently from her facebook.

On January 11, 2018, I was on my way home from work around 17:30. I was in a hurry, would get the son from leisure that closed at 18 am. I’m in a hurry, the train leaves soon. I’m going through the barriers. A white middle-aged man in front of me, turns around and stops me in the middle of the barriers and tells me “go on your own card”. I stand between the barriers, they hit me hard in my back. He blocks my way. Surprised, I say “But I’m Short”, and is about to show him, but not even.

In the next moment, I feel how he grabs me with both arms, squeezes me hard into a corner at the latches, pushes his knee to my body, preventing me from touching and holding me with both arms. I get scared! I push him away with all my power. He gets pissed off and says “damn dirty N-word Hora” while pushing me so hard that I trip through the barriers. A black man runs forward and tells the white man to stop “Beat a Woman”.

I’m both afraid, angry, offended, shocked, sad and desperate. The man continues to call me N word hora. I defend myself, strikes back! I refuse to be violated, afraid and depressed. Everything is recorded on video.

The man reports me for abuse and I am making a counter notification of abuse of hatred motives. A week ago, I received a letter home that my application was canceled but the husband’s application to me is not canceled.

Suddenly, I’m suspected of abuse. My report is closed because, according to the police, “it lacks objective evidence of support”. The male’s application is not laid down !!

The police’s racism has already determined that he (white man about 185 cm) is the victim, and I (black woman about 163 cm) is above, despite defending myself in distresses and the man started the attack on me from nowhere!

It’s me who has back injuries, was hospitalized because of shock, got sick, got colleagues who follow me to the track because I’m afraid to meet the man.

It’s me who was attacked by unknown white man in the subway, and subjected to an afrophobic hate crime. The police never investigated my notification as a hate crime and they never registered the hate crime scene before my notification was downloaded.

In Sweden, about 25% of all racist hatred is avrophobic. The most common hate crime against black people is a violent crime of unknown white man. I am one of those victims who carry on the damage of racism, afrophobia and hate crime that the police are kidding in.

I am tired of the institutional racism of the police, everyday racism, hatred and threats against black / brown people
. I’m tired of 34 years in Sweden, to constantly bear the blame and become a victim of society’s structural racism that permeates all authorities.
I am sad that we who are exposed to racism never get settled. But the game must go on !!!