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I must add @hopingfornemesis, I’m not in favor of the invasion since I believe Argentinas goals could have been archived politically if given enough time. There is a lot I don’t know and also… a lot no one knows. Secret files normally remain secret for 50 years, Falkland secret files in UK will remain secret for a 100. There are claims Thacher did make threats of nuclear strike against the continent, many claim HMS Invincible was indeed hit by an Exocet, Brazil never admitted planes, carrying weapons from Libia and Russia, were flying thru and refueling on it territory. This indeed a young war but my main point remains… it was no small accomplishment! (Sadly done for popular support)


What piss me off is… most of Muricas wrongdoings in Latin American have long been disclose, yet people still doesn’t seem to believe them.