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Empty soul

This is why I want to see the European Union die within my lifetime. They are the Roman Empire of our times but without any of the positives.

The Roman Empire went through a number of stages over its years where they had maniacs in power who spread their madness from their ivory towers across every other vassal state and conquered nation which in turn brought ruin and decay to all rather than just to themselves.

In parallel to the above, and to borrow the popular legend, Angela Merkel and her ilk are the Neros of our times playing the fiddle whilst Rome burns and sending us all down in flames along with them.

At the heart of every nation, of every country it is the people of those nations and countries that one should be answerable to and influenced by. Not diktats via airmail by unaccountable and unanswerable suits hundreds of miles away, fresh from Rothschild university and with a penchant for whoring themselves out to the highest bidder.

If we get back to being individual and independent countries once again we can watch and laugh as libtard majority countries commit suicide by letting in rape apes and murder monkeys in their millions and we can kindly tell them to fuck off and die when they ask us to take in some of their trash. This way their demise will send out an example to all others thinking about bending over for libtards so that the rest of us can bolster our defences and fight back.

As a British person I do resent the fact that half of Poland now appears to reside here and has wiped out a large portion of the indigenous working class population’s life chances. However, on the other hand. Thank fuck they are white Europeans, both ethnically and culturally and not Mussies and blacks.

The above is a socioeconomic argument though. Outside of that I say God bless the Polish and long may they live(and I say that as an atheist).