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GDPR Harvester

I’m all for non-fiction @illegalsmile55 and the libraries I found in here UK/Spain are out of this world. There is nothing like that back where I come from… museums as well, and is all free. I had to pay my little one for each book she read, when I stopped paying… she stopped reading. I kind of admit I did pushed scientific magazines one her, but I was very flexible. The only time I truly seen her dropping everything to read her books was when I got her Agatha Christie ones. Those I could give her as rewards for some other deeds. I have read very little in the past couple years… Basically the books my sis and friends insist in sending to me, of those, a failed expedition into Antarctica was my favorite. I love old expedition themes…

My dislike of most women isn’t based solely on mi ex. Men are no angels ether, but when women are granted power, most of them act like cunts, like cops do when protected by the system, and the system protects women way too much.