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Empty soul


The first time I came across Diana was within this post so I am completely new to her. That said. I did make sure to browse quite a few of her other videos and the first thing I noticed was that she researches everything and even goes into the finer details and backs it all up with reliable sources and factual evidence.

To address your points then,

“I always think, why? I have to wonder if getting the approval and attention from men isn’t yet another “typical female.” Otherwise, why fall on your sword as she seems to do if not to impress the guys“.

There are other motivations other than ego tripping and psychological masturbation you know.

She does come across as having some sort of personal mission when it comes to the content she creates and the direction she goes in and she is an older woman so perhaps she has male family members(brothers, a son perhaps) who have suffered via some of the things she talks about.

Anyway, you and I are both just guessing at her motivations so inevitably what it comes down to is content and the substantiation of that content and in that regard I find her hard to fault.

“The reason I do like shoeonhead is she does not pander. She doesn’t tear women down. Like maybe she thinks women have some rights. Oh my! I trust the women that don’t try to grab the attention of men by pandering – that’s a gimmick. But those who adore Diana prove how easily certain men are won over. It’s ironic. It’s almost like manipulation“.

As a man myself, do you know what wins me over?. Argument and substantiation. Everything else is just pandering.

The above is where you fell on your own sword @itsplaster because you assumed that a woman speaking out against and criticising other women cannot ever be speaking the truth and must in fact be pandering to men.

Let me give you another example,

There is a black youtuber called Tommy Sotomayor that I have come across before and in his videos he often speaks out against and criticises other black people and the black community in general. He uses real examples in his content, researches everything into the finer details and substantiates via a variety of factual evidence.

Because of the above the man gets hate letters and death threats all the time from other black people. He gets called a sell-out and a coon. An uncle tom and a coconut and gets accused of being a panderer to white people in general.

Now here’s the thing. In the white western world we white men speak out against and criticise other white men and white people all the time. I personally could spend all day long ranting about white male politicians etc.

However. Groups that are convinced of their own victimhood be it the feminists, the blacks, the libtards etc absolutely will not allow or tolerate any criticism on any level from inside or outside their own ranks. Even going so far as to ignore and dismiss any and all presented argument and evidence, regardless of the validity and truthfulness, in favour of ad hominem attack.

To conclude. If a social problem exists and it can be substantiated I care not from whose mouth it flows.