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I agree with LordW. I think the key is being prepared and thinking ahead when it comes to food. While you can indeed go out and buy a mystery meat burger for 99p, I just can’t accept that fast food is cheaper in the long term. A whole fresh chicken might be 5 times the price, but you can get 5 times the use out of it. Have a roast chicken dinner, then strip it for a salad, a sandwich, or soup!

Buy your dry goods in bulk (rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, pulses etc.), visit your local butcher/fishmonger and ask him what’s cheap (I’ve no shame in asking my butcher that), keep a well stocked herb and spice rack, make use of the freezer, read a flippin’ recipe book rather than Instagram.

It’s people who lack imagination and the ability who plan ahead who seem to claim that fast food is cheaper.