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Death Pod

I was raised by a conservative Christian mother and I very clearly remember her making
disparaging remarks about homosexuals. My uncle being one of them. In fact, this was how I learned what “gay” is. She never used words like fag but she seemed disgusted by her memories of him and his boyfriends. I also have three older brothers who were always at each other’s throats and they were quick to throw around sissy, faggot, bitch, or slanderous queer jokes, etc. when talking shit. All of this rubbed off on me and I am guilty of parroting these same vapid and ignorant sentiments in a pathetic attempt to sound tough or whatever. That is until I was around fifteen and I actually socialized with homosexuals and lesbians. I dropped the bullshit gay bashing when I realized I never really had a problem with gays or lesbians for their gayness. They’re people just like the rest of us and like most folks will eventually give you any number of other reasons to dislike them. I can say with certainty that one of my brothers truly doesn’t have a problem with gays but he still resorts to name calling when he wants to emasculate a man. He’s also fluent in Spanish, and in the construction business, so he works with a lot of Mexicans and 99% of their humor is homoerotic in my opinion. ┬íMachismo! I’ve noticed that even some supposed progressives will do the same thing. Such as that windbag, Bill Maher. He will imply someone is gay in attempt to debase them. Being gay is suddenly nefarious when someone is his enemy.

I think I might be one of the few straight men who has zero interest in lesbians or lesbian porn. It does absolutely nothing for me. I’ve never understood these dudes who get all worked up when drunk girls make out.

As LWD was saying, I’m the type who wouldn’t go out of my way to be around gay people but I truly couldn’t care less that they’re homosexual. I don’t have a problem with same-sex marriage either, or “gay adoption” for that matter. It might not be ideal to have homosexual parents of either dynamic but it beats not having parents at all, possibly.

Now some of the more flamboyant, in your face, types I can do with out. Again, not because they’re gay, I just find them to be extremely annoying. I don’t typically hang around loud mouthed people and I don’t like those “grrrrrl” types. LOL.