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When I first saw a woman naked, I started seen all of them naked. When I fist had sex, I would imagine every women doing all kinds of naughty stuff… I’m not implying you did something I’m sure you didn’t 😛 but I hate onions too, on that I agree 🙂 If you really mean onions.

I’m not in favor them walking around on tutu dresses, but… We want to me able to show our muscles and masculinity, just like women wants to attract partners dressing like whores (or just fucking tease). Gay must be able to express themselves too… they can’t be gay only at home, or they will be lonely at home, or segregated to gay bars. I’m in favor to strict rules at work, and limited rules everywhere else… for all.. and is woman who is pushing the limits.. I’m in London and gays don’t dress like in Gay Pride Day… often. I don’t know what to do about the flaming gay type… i don’t think is natural and indeed bothers me.

What I really don’t like… is their over representation in the media… like half of us are gays, and the way some school program are trying to force gayness in a super positive light… Like in Sweden.