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I was always around gay men when I was younger, I was a total unashamed fag hag. They were much more fun than straight lads and more savage than my girlfriends, which I loved. Fast forward 10 years though and I find the majority of them to be far too much effort and entirely too loud. They say girls mature than boys and that still seems to be true of the gay ones!

Maybe I’ll find myself a nice, classy, middle age gay man soon to have afternoon coffees with and be quietly vicious about other people.

My husband has a few gay acquaintances, most of whom are aggressive, libtard queers whom I despise. He also finds them tedious but has no issue with them beyond their tediousness. In this country anyway, tolerance of homosexuals and religion/upbringing go pretty much hand and hand, I think. I’ve yet to encounter a homophobe here who wasn’t a bible-thumping nutjob.