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I don’t really know how to address this but… nearly half of the population holds a degrees, and Brits travel more than most other countries because of the power of Sterling. Over here any butcher have resources to do so. The deal on holiday packagers directed at older people is mostly because of family, but they probably traveled around on their younger days, like the youths of today do. But I don’t think this is the issue.
To mention violence… most abuse against gays are verbal offenses, and discrimination, for housing, etc. Gay people is a very broad group to describe but the crazy type often resort to weapons, like women do, wile man will not escalate past fists. There is resentment that gays cuddle in public more than regular couples, and this affirmative action may be doing as much good as do harm. More people get out of the closet, and more people resent them. Any conflict between individuals now is hate crime. Personally… I saw plenty of fights among gays and much more fights between men. Never saw a group beating a gay guy but clearly happens…According to what we learn in here we can trust no statistics because we can’t trust newspapers. I think women like gay men because they are the purple pill. They are often extroverted, fun, and less demanding of them. They can be their boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time.
Indeed you called the average men stupid, but Wankdust isn’t very patient recently.
The average everything is stupid.