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Blacks, like to sleep with white women because they need her financially. They need the government to subsidize their parasitic lifestyle. They don’t need the white women sexually, because they have a whole line of women readily available,
they need these women’s VALIDATION, and in turn, these woman are drawn to this need. But this attraction, its one that elevates her to a superior position over the male. This is about social and sexual dominance over the man, its not about attraction or some maternalistic need, so we need to understand the FEMALES motivations here. Women laugh at men who worship them, and she rejects this because it implies she is helpless, that she needs men to help her. So in return she has sex with black men, who she sees as beneath her, so she can prove her superiority over them. This is a very twisted mentality and it hurts ALL men. The black man, he feels inadequate, he feels compulsion to prove his worth and masculinity to the the white women at all cost. The women herself, is reduced to a object, she is a fantasy. Not only that, but she owes him for his chivalry. So in reality, the black mans behavior is demeaning to the white women, Its incredibly sexist. Of course the black man will say the women is an angel, and he is being a “real Man”. Black men fear losing the white women’s approval, or worse being rejected or not being a seen as a “real man”. So to prevent this or to obtain approval, the black man will do anything, he will lie, use violence and kill other men to gain her approval. Black men & Most men don’t see it, but they are a very easy target for predatory women. They have a very romanticized view of white women, so they can be abused easily, since they refuse to accept that women are capable of such manipulations. so in an argument they will bow down rather than risk rejection. These men have no capacity or skill set in which to debate women so they are at a loss at what to do. Most black men go through life like this. This is something that is never addressed. Women of course, understand this need all to well, and they use this fear of rejection and desire to please to manipulate the system, women can kill, rape, they can destroy entire lives and will still be portrayed as victims, innocent and angles, just like we see in these threads. The truth is literally staring society in the face, but the majority of men refuse to accept it exists. And women know the status quo works in their favor so they feel entitled to manipulate men into acting on their behalf, and society condones this. So men are nothing but forming servants to women and this is how they see men. These men, they are not thinking independently. Their identity and self worth is dependent on the women’s perception of them, and that perception is one that has no value for him as a person, she doesn’t respect him, how can she?

To conclude, By not addressing these issues and constantly deflecting to race, we undermine the reality of the situation. By all means focus on race if you want, but their is much more going on than the typical blame game. Evo-psyche may or may not have credible proof tho, as I believe you know.

What we see is deflections and excuses for female exploit and manipulations by turning and pointing to the bad men. By doing this, we never can fully understand the issues behind what you do not like. It is only going to get worse. We must hold women accountable and then we can easily hold men accountable. Women are all to happy to see us focus on race, because it shifts the accountability away from them. While we mock and ridicule blacks and other races, our women are laughing at us in knowing how credulous, us men are. You E.S. are different it is easy to see. So I suggest with respect, to delve deeper into this. If not no offense taken nor given. Hope I was a little interesting to you.