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@Hoping for Nemesis ancestry can’t be traced through dna. after a few hundred years dna is fucked. a copy of a copy of a copy and soon you have a blank page. is a scam. it is impossible to trace someones dna back to its origins. white people/germanic tribes/tribes of israel are from shem. arabs and khazars are canaanites and come from ham. there is nothing in-between. anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you. the two world wars were an attempt to wipe the white race (gods chosen people of the bible) from the earth. hitler met with the grand mufti of jerusalem, amin el-husseini for good reason. he knew how important that region was to the white race in fulfilling bible prophecy. the khazars are eternally trying to stop this from happening and that’s why white christian culture is public enemy number one.