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I’ve worked with a lot of Arab, Pakistani, Indian and middle eastern people over the years when I worked in the pizza industry. They all say the same things about America. They ask why the cities are so dirty and full of crime? Why do people complain about everything and accuse others of untrue things?

They’d ask me why black people act so aggressive and loud, why they live like shit most of the time. They preferred working with white people which I guess is why I worked with them for so long.

All of the pornography, drug use, glorification of nihilism and degeneracy, vilification of the family unit disgusts most Arab/middle eastern people. It’s one of the motivations used in recruiting terrorist extremists.

In a way, average Muslim people have the same values that America used to be in the early 20th century- work ethic, family, honesty, modesty, faith and care for your environment and each other.

I am not including the extremists of any kind, I am referencing the majority of people who just want to live life and be happy.