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Empty soul


“As far as the video, I think she is too hopeful in thinking people should see through the “white privilege nonsense“.

To be fair, most Americans do. They are the ones Hilary Clinton called the “deplorables” and whom had the raw numbers to send her packing.

Outside of America most people do not believe in that nonsense. Certainly not in Western Europe and most definitely not in Eastern Europe. The truth is then that libtards and hateful blacks are a loud minority that the media likes to focus on and magnify so as to exaggerate their numbers, significance and influence for their own ends.

It’s a bit like how the media and television industry makes it appear like everyone is gay or transsexual nowadays when gays and transsexuals are still very much a loud minority.

“But I do applaud her for totally owning that her college scholarship was probably given to her based on demographics“.

If she scored low to average marks like she said and still got awarded it then it most definitely was an affirmative action scholarship that she was given.

It’s far worse than that though because it cannot even be argued to be a social ladder for minorities since the East-Asians who number less than the blacks in America are made to score at least double that of the blacks in order to attain the same equal level placements because they are deemed to be too advantaged as a result of their high IQ. I wish I was joking but I am not, look it up.

Affirmative Action was created to prop up low IQ blacks beyond what they are naturally capable of, that’s all.

“To me, she proves it’s how you’re raised and not society at large who shape your views. She grew up around whites and never got indoctrinated into playing the victim. And her mother was obviously not the typical single mom. There are also exceptions that give me hope“.

Her mother just got sick of dealing with blacks, I know the feeling. She then sought refuge in a safer more intellectually nurturing environment, whitey neighbourhoods.

Basically her mother was a genius by black standards because she realised just how full of shit and dangerous blacks are. Not many blacks get that far.

As a result of the above her children benefited and achieved where otherwise they would have failed.

Self-reflection, self-criticism and self-responsibility are very rare traits within the black community.