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Lord Wankdust

Our torso only has 4% of our sensory nerve endings, so by the time you are feeling the pain, you have aften gone very far down the road of no return.

It’s just Life. I didn’t have a motorbike crash, a rock-climbing fall or anything which would at least merit such a condition or even raise any alarm. It was just an imperceptible, gradual slide into an aching discomfort and chronic condition. I lead an active life, did not sit hunched over a computer for a job or carry sacks of coal for a living. It started about a decade ago and I didn’t pick up on it for a few years. It was the chronic loss of sleep which rang the first alarm bells rather than any terrible pain. I kept waking after half an hour of sleep and wouldn’t get back to sleep again – despite being exhausted. It was just a dull nagging ache in the lower lumber area. It is degenerative and will only get worse. The trick is to delay the process and remain ambulant and as active as possible. Much of the time is just about bearable with careful attention to posture, twice daily stretches and retaining one’s correct lumber curve at all times. That and some bedtime Amitriptyline.

I hope it does turn out to be a simple mattress issue, new bed and kind of new bedmate thing for you. But keep some good books by your bedside – and get a bedtime routine girl!