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Actually empty soul is spot on. That is my belief that women sell sex even sub consciously. there is always a cost. The original cost would be the man’s sperm to make the baby but that cost changes. Now it’s usually to do with some improvement to their life. the lie is when they don’t come out with it up front. Don’t say “I’m doing this but i want this in return” The flower blooms for a reason. The bee polinates. When the woman is in bloom she’s looking for the best possible deal. It’s always in her mind. a poor man has little or no chance with a rich woman. I have known a woman who i know as a friend to say “why would i go with him, he’s earning less than me” I think it neither good nor bad i just like to know what the rules are. Prositution is the wrong word and we need to change it. But all women sell their bodies.