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@sloth12 I know he was quoting. I saw the – and author’s name. But the quote says basically that girls are deciding on a man that will do all the work in trade for vagina. And I was not. And I never imagined a life where I didn’t have a job. I get that yunghitler just fucking hates women. Fine. But the “every woman is the same” tune gets so goddamn old. How is it possible that I want my husband to do all the work when I’ve worked as well?
And YH – how does one not take that quote and think in sexual terms? You have decided women are the worst so when I make a legitimate observation such as I can’t relate to that quote, it’s deflection or denial. Maybe the world isn’t as simple as you think. There are plenty of studies that talk about the negative qualities of men but I don’t give heed. I judge people on how they treat me not a YouTube channel preaching this or that about “all men.”