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GDPR Harvester

When you say whore.. do you mean prostitute?? A regular one can get you discounts… and indeed when they get to know you better you tend to have more fun. I wouldn’t worry to much to make them cum… otherwise you should charge them for it, making it even.

Regarding nature, it’s hard to pinpoint specifics… since we are bombarded with culture from the moment we first open our eyes. Testosterone is our nature… but we are raised to be ‘man’. Heroes for the benefit of others… we are thought about rules and how to limit the use of our strength. Girls in the other hand have the power to manipulate others… but nothing is done to curb their nature. Affirmative action brings the worse in them, a new kind of princess that no longer wait for prince charming on her own. Monkey branching is the new thing… they bite and make a scene. The tele tells them hinting the nuts is fun, and western laws protects them like children.