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Empty soul


“I sometimes wonder also if i should even get out of bed myself because of that F-E Stuff, cause it does suck, and gets pretty lonely, especially when your longtime B-G Brothers, Sisters, whom many i look up to, and consider my friends wont talk to me anymore”

For me it’s not a matter of not wanting to talk to you anymore its more like I can’t. Lol.

You know that I have drink issues and I tend to only post in the late evenings when I get the time which often means I get too drunk to reply to people in a timely manner.

It also means that I tend to only comment on topics that my drunken mind can easily understand and even then I sometimes make stupid fucking comments with no relevancy to the topic at hand.

Anyhow. What I am trying to say is that your choice of topics overwhelm me for the most part and usually require a lot of reading and video watching and considered thought which my alcohol soaked mind cannot deal with.

If you were to make a thread on politics, religion, immigration, race or any other societal issues in general etc I would find it much easier to join in with you.

I apologise in advance if this comes across as a bit selfish on my part.