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Please do not feel like you have to apologize to me my good brother, as i myself should be the one doing so, having had a couple of stiff drinks along with a fat blunt myself last night.
So i guess we can both say that,,, we were both on a somewhat of a level playing field last night, lol.

And the fact that you like to drink has never, ever bothered me man, cause it’s You Brother,, the Empty that i have gotten to know so well over the years, while reading most, if not all of your intelligently well written, and researched topics, and have grown to respect, and admire you for who you are,, a true brother, my B- G Brother! 🙂

Last Night while i was scrolling through the site pages, i was a little frustrated that i had nobody to discuss a topic that is so dear to me, because it seems that everybody ignores it, and nobody wants to touch-it with a ten foot pole,because of the ridicule that comes along with it.

Can,t say that i blame them for that as i have been a victim of it for years. But yeah so i scroll around the site, while watching all of my happy B-G Family talking and carrying on, and such, and it hit me,,, i felt like,,,left-out,,, you know! And the more i watched them all enjoying themselves while discussing topics that are dear to them in the forums, the more i got annoyed.

But i was not annoyed, or upset with them bud,,, God,,,never, as i was happy to see them all get along while enjoying great conversations with each other. But i was upset at myself, for caring so much about spreading this truth to them, instead of seeing them being fed lies all their lives. And i do not want people to feel bad or pity me in anyway shape, or form, lol, but i,m sure that to many already think that i look like a suck. I just want them to know where i am coming from, that,s all.

And that is what i find disturbing with so many people today,,,(and i don,t mean you, or most of us on here) and that is that if somebody is speaking the truth about something that is really bothering them, or if they talk about anything that they are feeling, they look at them as if they are strange, and weak individuals.

Thanks for your time Empty,
Andre. 🙂