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@masterplan haha yes that explains it very well. We’re all brainwashed into thinking that unless we’re married, 2.4 kids, a house, a car we haven’t made it. But those of us “lucky” enough to attain that goal are finished. It’s a done deal.
You say you have no problem with a woman being the head of the family but in fact if you were in that position where a woman is the head she would have no respect for you seeing you as a little boy or a son. Biologically we’re not wired like that. You see even with all these laws we can’t escape how we’re wired. I knew a nigerian woman who was married to a white english fellow. She definately ruled the roost, he died at 52 after years of being manipulated and bullied, their whole marriage was one long fight, one long struggle and there was no peace.
Either i am the boss or it off. That’s how i see it from now on. Once you know you’re the boss, are confident in your decisions, everything else falls into place. let’s look at that, a woman you are married to is head of the family and you admire her manipulative skills. those skills have advanced her to the point where she’s married and comfortable. Now, being the boss, she decides she’s going to work to earn a bit of extra cash. She will then start usingthose skills at work and you know what that means don’t you. Flirtation with the boss, the manager, in order to further herself in the work place. Now i’m not saying she’s going to have sex at work but it certainly wouldn’t do much for your peace of mind not knowing what’s going on and trust me, i’ve seen women in the workplace going through the men just to get on.
i say either be the boss or stay without a woman.