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@masterplan It’s so much better to be free and single. I can’t think why any man now days would hook up with a woman. When you’re free you hold all the cards, Like that funny and true joke says, blow jobs are over once married. It’s all about the giving, marriage has done the deal for them, they no longer have to try. Some men like the one i mentioned who died at 52 just keep giving. Giving works for a while at the beginning but some men think it works forever, they can’t get their heads around that there is a time too stop giving. I am interested in your story of course i am. The more we swap our disaster stories the more we know. i hope you have peace of mind now. I have always been trying to learn how to handle women. I realise my childhood shaped who i was. A doormat. Then i learned to change. Sometime when i’m passing a man on the street he’s on the phone i hear him asking the woman “Is there a man with you?” I think of all that fear and am reminded of the stupidity of man. Fact is we were never meant to be monogamous, with one woman. As i explained to nemesis many centuries ago before Christianity and the Roman Empire one woman would be fucking many men. But the whole of society has to be like that, because let’s face it, it is like that anyway.