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@masterplan The liberals hate her. They’d like to pretend that Blaire is trying to shock people into viewing her. But to quote Blaire “I wouldn’t go through all this hell (of being trans) just to be a YouTube star.” The SJWs just cannot accept that Blaire is legitimately a moderate conservative. She’s trans and doesn’t accept a liberal agenda?! Oh no! Lol. And she does believe being trans is a mental condition. I don’t even know why that pisses people off. It is a mental illness so is OCD or autism. Why be ashamed?
As far as Joey, he’s given Blaire an engagement ring and they live together. I’m sure they have sex. Even so, I think he lives in a bubble where Blaire is not a guy but a girl with extras. Lol. Oh yeah, she has hips and a butt from taking estrogen. Her muscle mass dropped and curves developed. She has some pics on IG (MsBlaireWhite) in sexier clothes.