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It seems that feminism has succeeded in ruining the harmony among genders. It has succeeded largely in obliterating the value of family. The days of my grandparents are not that long ago, when large families were normal. Marriages ended in divorce sometimes, but most of the time those involved tried to work through their difficulties for the sake of the family.

Now, the legal system disproportionately favors women, men are vilified, many women feel they don’t have to respect men anymore, they feel they don’t need a man and openly compete with them to the detriment of society. If a woman can’t do something because she isn’t capable, many will complain about it being sexism or discrimination, as a result, everyone is afraid.

Men are afraid to be men because they think their ass is on the line at every turn.

I pray that the natural order prevails and throws off the scourge of modern political correctness.