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Empty soul


I have gone over mgtow many times on here before and have debated it back and forth so I kind of get the idea by now as to what it actually is and what it actually entails for the most part.

There appears to be a three part structure and hierarchy to mgtow. The first is a devotion to oneself. The second is a devotion to and the protection of ones own group(men) and the third is the opening up of discussion towards a better future between the sexes lest we all die out.

Men do not grow on trees after all, it requires both men and women to create future men and women.

Younghitler is quite correct when he says,

“Women are women. That you believe they are something nefarious, indicates that, possibly, you want them to be good to you. I don’t care how they are to me, because I know how they are. It is ingrained for them to be manipulative,exploiting creatures….. since their survival relies on it. Lions can be vicious but they aren’t evil. Women are , cunning, and strategic but not evil Some men and some women can do evil things but they aren’t evil“.

From how I read his comment I believe he is saying that the attributes and tools that women naturally possess does not make them innately evil, it all depends on how they use those attributes and tools and to what ends.

A woman using her abilities to manipulate her man into changing the tv channel from sports to soap opera is a relatively harmless use of her abilities for example whereas a woman using her abilities to manipulate her man into signing his home over to her and handing over all his cash would be an evil use of her abilities.

Equally, a physically strong man using his brawn to build a garden shed is a different use of his ability than tackling someone to the ground and beating the shit out of them.

I could also give two random people a knife for example. One may then choose to use it to make dinner whilst the other may choose to use it to threaten and steal from someone else.

What it comes down to then is personality, morals and content of character.

Women are indeed women and they are cunning and strategic because of that fact. However, judge them on their use of their abilities and not on their abilities itself.

MGTOW in my opinion then is to follow rules 1 and 2 at all times. Devotion to oneself first and foremost and the devotion towards and the protection of ones own group.

Outside of that equation every mgtow can choose how they wish to live for themselves.

To conclude. Choosing to live with a nice, considerate and fair minded woman is not an affront to mgtow in my opinion. Choosing to live with a scheming evil bitch however would be.