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GDPR Harvester

@justanotherguy I say turn completely away from women. Don’t give them what they want. Give them nothing. Don’t go looking for sex, don’t pander to them. Take the sex away and they have nothing. It’s just not worth it anymore. There’s nothing in it for us. let them mate with whoever they want. Who cares? not me. Women have it all their own way. If you marry and have kids, they’re the ones that go out to work leaving you with the kids. Work will always take priority thereafter. They can cancel the contract any time they want if you become any less than a useful babysitter and monkey branch to the next fellow. Young boys are already prepared for motherhood with their skinny jeans they look more like the kardashians than charles bronson or steve mcqueen. Unless we reject women we’re lost. Look where being fair to them has got us. They hate us because we’re no longer men, they only respect maleness. Anything else i s just a house handyman or bag carrier.