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I agree with you @sloth12, the harder you fight… the worse it gets. All she needed to do was to say she as a whore that charged $5000 per hours and people would stop bothering. Acting like a whore, being mean and later pretending to be a saint was her downfall. Much worse porn surface on the net daily with much less repercussion… but her video was indeed funny, and the catch phrase spectacular.
One day I received a sex tape from my ex email. Her and her actual boyfriend, she claimed he did it out of jealousy… to check if she was cheating him with me. I never got to figure out the true, but she insisted she went to the police over it… I just have a hard time trusting most women. After we broke up she actually went into my phone and erased the number of a new chick I was seeing it… never to admitted. Maybe they want to show they are jealous and still care… All I see is that I can’t trust her.