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Lord Wankdust

@masterplan says “In some States consensual anal sex is still a crime… and so on.”

Good. So it should be. The anus is the sewerage channel of Satan. It is full of the toxins, noxious bacteria and disgusting waste which the body needs to expel. It is a crime against anyone’s penis to put it in there. Accidental insertion is okay… but just the once… as everyone is entitled to make a mistake. Immediately scour the penis with good-quality soap over the helmet and pay special attention to the area behind the foreskin – check for any lumps of impacted turd (AKA “Klingons”).
For two people to consent to rolling around in one another’s Novichok arse-poison is a crime against Humanity. Once those fucking toxic bum diseases are out in the community they become everyone’s problem not just those experimental turd-rakers, fun-fisters, toxic arse-commandoes and sphincter penetrators who enjoy playing in each other’s dog-toffee, licking one another’s shit and inhaling each other’s farts straight from the gas-pipe.
Do they even wash their hands or brush their teeth afterwards? Who knows?

I agree totally with what you say about stupid laws and what is on your computer being your property.

Rock on Masterplan and stay outta the sewer.