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Yes, that’s personal Sookie but I value humor and I’m not to loose my mind because of it. Don’t be sorry.. much of it is indeed public. Allow me a few words on that regard. The cunt ex I often mention here is not her… but the mother of my child. Lucy in the other hand… may very well have been a boy, or a transex, a transvestite, or any of these 98 new genders… I don’t know, I never met her/him! She was a member here and my pen-pall for many months… I just find hard to believe she was a boy, because… she was the worse/best feminist this site had since I’m around. She had no shame confronting Mark… done it so many times I can’t blame him for kicking her out. She was also an attention seeker… and would run for me every time thing got ugly. I’m quite good at destroying people… but I try to use my “powers” to keep order, peace and respect in the forums.
I apologize to all to be bitching around here… But I’m constantly resisting myself not to attack her(she is my number two/Smile can stand her ground)… I confront anyone who’s attitude I disagree.. and now I’m faced with that 🙁
Please, sorry, thanks, I retract my words, I agree with you… should be common words around here, but are not!