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Traditionalism is just a vehicle to feminism. We can’t ever solve the problems if be continue to be in the barganing stage and denial. That is why MGTOW walk away because we know the truth, that even conservatives, are responsible. Feminism uses the state to exploit men, while traditionalist just expect men to conform to the role of disposable utility. Even if you went back to traditionalism you would get the same outcome. Are you really ok with that? Your sensible laws may not be sensible to me and you may pander to females while subjugating men and boys……. At least from your writings I think you would. It is not the laws friend, it is how they are INTERPRETED. We already have anti-sexist laws,anti discrimination laws, and I already told you this, and it goes right over your head. It is gynocentrism. Only a shift in the culter would change things for the better and that is not going to happen. Well maybe if most men went true MGTOW it would. But even most MGTOW are just one blowjob away from the plantation, as my man BARBAROSAAA would say.