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GDPR Harvester

Am I been kicked out of the club?? Polluted… ain’t you doing just what you criticize?? We learn and spread the word. I agree there is a bunch of kids out there that don’t have a clue what MGTOW really means, but to most of us who follow… there are clear divides among our opinions. To many acting like a man is to be a wimp. Learn their tricks.. and don’t fall for it, learn the law and protect itself, and be vocal about the injustices we witness. There is no point in proclaiming magtow in real life… to get the advantage you just keep it to yourself, but we all come here to debate, why?? I don’t intent to raise a revolution. I just find positive to learn and share. How is it different from feminism? It sure has many similarities, but we have REAL reasons that has no place in the mainstream media. I have been mgtow most of my life… but only learned about it here in BG.