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MGTOW is not like feminism. Feminism is all about control and enforcement of gynocentrism using the government. It’s about demanding benefits, special treatment, government sponsorship, and requiring others follow the dogma. MGTOW just walks away from society. There is no use of the public money to shove privilege of a chosen sex down the opposite sex’s throats, which is what feminism does.

If you want the closest male equivalent to feminism, then that would be MRAs. They want to use the government to change things to be equal for men.

Thus comparing MGTOW to feminism is like comparing a whore of babylon agenda to consume the world, to pointing out a couple fucked up things about relationships and society and saying screw it.

In other words – feminists want the world to burn and are actively setting fire to it, MGTOW on the other hand say “fuck it” to putting the fire out and instead watch it burn. Or you could even look at it this way – MGTOW is the willingness to let women burn the world to prove that feminism is a social cancer.

Feminists decide for others what is right or wrong and demand everyone lives their lives the way they approve of. MGTOW don’t care, they merely focus on themselves to improve their own lives.

Feminists want dominance and attention in order to make men suffer while they wallow in their inflated egos. MGTOW simply want their own peace of mind and whereas they achieve it by not playing at all, the transaction for dominance and attention stops. That drives feminists and their doormats absolute bonkers.

Again, when you start to see the game for what it is, and use the awakening to refuse to play, you are MGTOW. If you engage in using the political power to obtain equal rights for men, then you are an MRA, which is not MGTOW.

If feminism is a religious cult, then MGTOWs are similar to Atheists.