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Empty soul

There is a reason why we always end up seeing groups/movements behaving like organised religion eventually and that is because organised religion itself is an extension of tribalism and we are innately tribal as a species.

Groups/movements sooner or later start to demand absolute adherence to set rules and definitions and engage in heretic hunting amongst there own numbers.

The above is where leftwing politics is at right now. Purity tests everywhere and heretic hunting on a daily basis.

Even old feminists from the 60’s and 70’s are not immune to this as the infamous Australian feminist Germaine Greer found out recently when she failed to agree with the more modern extreme version of feminism and was branded an heretic, sent death threats and banned from speaking at universities(no-platformed).

When the above starts to happen the only way is down because you can’t keep pruning the plant every time a leaf stands out otherwise you end up with no leaves at all.

The point I am making is that some people will naturally attempt to make their version of something the only version allowed and engage in heretic hunting. In fact we see it in Bestgore comment sections all the time, lol, because it is human nature. It is equally observable in any comment section and/or community on the internet and in real life as well.

To get to the point, if MGTOW is to have a future it needs to stay all encompassing and not get bogged down in adherence to strict definition and heretic hunting.

Make MGTOW a “I am Spartacus” type movement and you will find that men across the board will give it support because essentially that is what it should be as “men going there own way” is a statement of individuality, not subservience to rules.