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I wish it was easy as that. As i pointed it is not only related with the relationships we were in, but you brought some great points there. One should take in account their mother’s behavior, sisters, friends, your girlfriends friends, co-workers, etc. The best analogy I can come up with is that women wear a lot of make-up for a relationship wile boys don’t, and after marriage… fuck diet, sex, respect… but marriage can easily be dissolved (and the house is the only thing at risk), it’s a child that really makes the difference and a simple drunken date can get you hostage for 18 years or more. Even a pregnancy resulted of a bj can get you fucked… girlfriends that pretend they are on pills, a broken condom that she refuses to abort or lying about her period. Most times you believe you have the perfect girlfriend but once you grant them the power to shit with your life, many will at some point, people change.