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Except I do not call women these things………………..Again, it is explaining. I made many post stating why we talk about women and you stay silent there.
also, the shaming thing is also a mgtow lesson, you are attempting to manipulate me into compliance with your shame talk (And I think you will become angry that I point this out) and tell me how dumb I am and I just hate women. But look objectively at what you just said. “Its a shame YOU do” A.B.C etc. Look, Lexi, can you ever stand corrected? MGTOW are guiltless so we have no shame, so that talk doesn’t work on us, but it DOES work on most men so i understand you may not be able to notice what you do. This proves my position that you do not know what mgtow is. If you are seriously interested, look objectively. If not I don’t care. Many men and boys will see this post see what I am pointing out.