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Thanks @lady-lexis
If you go to church like twice a year you still act like most Catholics nowadays 🙂 . It is my understanding that plenty of Jews are actually atheists but still follow religious rules as a matter of tradition and respect for it’s roots. I never got an eureka moment ether… maybe an eureka year around 15. Luckily I placed superstition along with religion, and never stopped cleansing myself of all that crap that comes our way. Knocking on the wood, astrology, spirits and ghosts, karma, etc. learning of Buddhism also helped me to see another point of view, so I buried them all together. I kept going to church to please the family… my brother is the one who saved me… If he doesn’t go, I don’t have to go ether!! Lol. Poor fucker became very religious 15 years later/10 years ago, and I couldn’t save him.