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GDPR Harvester

@masterplan I wasn’t “ganging” up on goregasm, from what i remember i was the only person who pointed out her manipulation, i believed she was asking questions for her thesis, using bg members as her guinea pigs. You should have appreciated it actually, having a condition yourself. Sometimes i think you just jump in and defend women simply to make friends with them then realise you’ve gone against your own opinions,then you have that uphill struggle to get back to yourself. You say she’s a newbie, but she introduced herself as someone who’s been here silently for many years. As you may remember i pulled her on that too, I know her type, she’s a manipulater, i bet she made all the right friends at uni. And no, you haven’t planted your doom. I do notice that often when i haven’t replied to you usually because i’m busy i get the “polluted ignores me” thing. So i do my best to reply even though i know many others here are keeping the conversation going, we’re all mates here masterplan just that you didn’t see through her. I also have a soft spot for certain women here. but some are the type that a mgtow should be able to see right through and goregasm showed all the signs of being a user.