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Lord Wankdust

@illegalsmile55 I didn’t pick the fruit myself. The good farmers of Tayside through really hard poly-tunneling – have managed to extend the soft fruit season (which used to be June/ July and two weeks in August) to April right through to 1st week of October. The workforce is mostly East European Students who come to Scenic Scotland, live on the farms and pick their college or University fees in Raspberries and Strawberries. I have no firm knowledge of the gender of the fruit pickers responsible for my 20lbs of Rasps and 10lbs of Brambles… but it sure saves my aching lower back. Tayside Raspberries have a really marvellous tart flavour which I convert into a Jelly which is not sweet… but tart and fruity. It goes great on pancakes, toast or crusty bread. It is also marvellous with roast Pork, Beef or Venison.

The Bramble Jelly is too flavoursome to describe. I often get a sizeable erection shortly after consuming some. I’ll be busy making the Bramble Jelly tomorrow but I imagine I will be wanking myself silly after eating some with breakfast on Monday. I was gonna say it was like Jelly Viagra… but didn’t he use to be one of the Dead Kennedys?