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Dew, it wasn’t my intention to create a debate or confrontation… I placed this post for Atheist to express their personal stories and theists learn a bit with it. I’m in favor of respecting people… but I’m also in favor of mocking religions for what they are… A shit ton of nonsense that corrupts our laws, our values, our rationality… Why didn’t you include Muslims in your list?? I see US clearly as an theocratic state and the vast majority of scientist are Atheist. The teaching of creationism in schools, the prejudice against homos, abortion rights and the lack of rights for suffering dying people to take their own lives are good enough reasons to combat this evil… but there is much more… I dare say I see @justanotherguy story in an absolutely opposite perspective. I will do my best not to offend those that come here in goodwill… but I will bring ‘offensive’ material for the show.
God can’t be disproved, so the atheist community long implied god is a invisible unicorn that can’t be disproved as well, as for mythology… these were gods my friend. Thor belonged to the Vikings(Nordics), Zeus to the Greeks… those religions have been crushed by the sword and only a thin line separate religion from cults… this is the way our societies discredits them… and I pray our currently religions become mythology as well.